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They say beauty comes from a spirit that has weathered many hardships in life and somehow continues with resilience. Grace can be found in a soul who ages softly, even amid the tempest.

I think the loveliest by far is the one whose gentle heart bears

a hundred scars from caring, yet still finds a way to pick up the lamp, one more time, to light the way for love.

(~an excerpt from Susan Frybort’s remarkably reassuring and life-affirming new book, ‘Open Passages: Doors and Windows to the Soul’, available on Amazon at

and at any bookstore, through Ingram Distribution)

the full red moon, more

than breathtaking,

moves the waters

to and from the shore

perfectly timed waves kissing

sand and toes

like tongues exploring

moving deeper and deeper

building into crescendo

pounding wave after wave

riding us into passionate ecstasy

rhythms naturally moving within

circles swirling higher and higher

until we fly into the rainbow

of pure beauty

as close to God as we can come

on this sphere of terrestrial grace

walking for these moments into sheer timelessness

within the milky way

borning new stars with the heat of our sacred connection

light lighting light

forgetting the questions

we arrive at the truest goal of our living

in the fires of the first universal truth:

we are all one


Amy Lloyd


I wait for so much more than Christmas,

more than the miraculous birth:

I await my own birth.

As you poured yourself into this world,

and it was never the same again,

pour yourself into me,

and change me forever.

Birth your light in me,

your Word made flesh in me,

Set me to your purposes

and sustain me in your way.

Make me a living sign of your coming,

a vessel of your presence,

an instrument of your delight.

I open my heart to you.

Come, and make me your holy one.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light

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