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we are one

The story of any one of us is in some measure the story of us all.

– Frederick Buechner

at some point in our lives

we all are handed bones to carry –

death is an integral part of the gift of living

hold on to your bones

no matter how the wind blows

hold fast to the bones

that are yours to carry out of Egypt

until you find the place of proper burial

when you reach home at last

lay them gently into the clay from which they sprang

water them with the tears you have carried so gently inside yourself

all the years they have been sloshing within you

waiting patiently for this moment of kindness

kneel in the holy gratitude of your own precious breath

showing up as holy smoke in the frigid air of this winter morning

connecting you to the intimate oneness of the world you walk in

then dry your eyes

warm your hands on the hearth of this very moment of life

and take your place among the hugs of your lovely children

you’ve waited a lifetime to kiss on Christmas morning

the lights shining on the green tree

everything merry and bright

laughing all the way

as you lay all that down



Amy Lloyd

e brook is not the light

but it reflects the coming dawn.

The geese are not the winter,

but it falls from their wings.

The wave is not the sea;

the note is not the song;

I am not the light

but I am made of nothing else.

Bear witness.

If not to the light within,

bear witness to the dawn.

To the song.

The candle isn't the sun,

but sings its song.

I don't have to believe this,

just sing the song.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light< em>/p><<

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