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this morning

Let the world go 

to rest awhile

Then be still in this nothingness

 of a world awaiting birth 

Until you can let what wants to come

find you

In this morning’s tender light 

and delicate shadows

Release all your dreams,

which died unexpectedly last night. 

Sit a while with this momentary glimpse of eternity 

found within your paralyzing grief

This surprising grand canyon of void within. 

Feel small within your new vast emptiness, 

Watch it slowly spreading out in front of you to the north

Awaken to this reverberating Call

For you to allow your rising

To be like the hawk floating free 

in the bluest skies you’ve ever seen

Only when you are ready 

Get up

make your bed

open the unlocked door

Then open your whole self to speak

Those holy words you found carved into your grave stone

those words which the fire has refined into purest gold

The words which define your life

True and beautiful

These are the words

You will use to create a new heaven 

and a new earth

Where the lion and the lamb will walk as best friends

speak with the authority you have earned 

by letting everything 

which did not belong to you 

go its own way 

with your highest blessing 

your speaking now

will draw back the deep-blue velvet curtain of the darkest night

Revealing that great star pointing towards Bethlehem exploding in wild joy 

And the angels still singing stanzas of “Glory to God in the highest”

At your amazing, graceful arrival 


at long last

Into the glorious music of your own 





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