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Note to Self:   

Inspiration from

 my son, Brandon (he’s made my mamma-heart very happy this morning)…LISTEN to Paul Baribeau sing Ten Things! 



Do you know who you are

O you forever listed
under some other heading
when you are listed at all

you whose addresses
when you have them
are never sold except
for another reason
something else that is
supposed to identify you

who carry no card
stating that you are—
what would it say you were
to someone turning it over
looking perhaps for
a date or for
anything to go by

you with no secret handshake
no proof of membership
no way to prove such a thing
even to yourselves

you without a word
of explanation
and only yourselves
as evidence

To the Happy Few by W.S. Merwin







The Surrender

I went to school this morning
In the world frosted and glittering
I watched a golden tree
Freely unloading itself
In the beautiful a-bun-dance of autumn

I watched in silence from a distant bench
And then I stood with the tree
and accepted the flow of life
the circle of season
It surprised me
It was a musical process
this sound of surrender
Filling me

I felt the soft plops of berries
the whisper dance of leaves on my hat
The drum beat leading the celebration dance
letting go
re-birth to come
at my feet
I was a witness to the grand nature of trees

It taught me lessons
in minutes
answers I have been searching for
for years

I trust dreaming
Everything is the poetry of love

AL 11/5/12



So true…


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