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changes, updates, passwords, frustrations

I haven’t blogged for a few years, imagine, if you will, walking back into this place a few years since the last time…

Yup, I forgot my user name and password. There have been changes, things they call ’upgrades’ (eye-roll on my part), many things are different than when I blogged everyday and was in the flow of daily posts. It was so easy. These past 2 posts have not been easy.


I know I will get better at it, things will get easier, I will know all the shortcuts before long. It will be worth it!

Towards evening…

The world becomes drenched in pink light

and the full moon lives smudgy in the sky

Noticing this soft smile in the window shadowed light

I reflect, again, on who I have become in this life’s moment 

Losing things still makes me a bit nervous 

I still watch the gas tank light appearance with an edge of panic 

and can’t relax when my phone is left with my towel

While I’m in a public pool

But I can spend some money on unnecessary and fun things

Without panic 

24 years of walking pilgrim –

Carrying what I could

Leaving the rest behind

Losing so much and many

Letting go with open hands

Looking forward with long term vision

Leaping net-less over and over

Learning to trust without proofs

Holding hope every moment 

Finding God, and life, faithful 

Having crossed harsh borders 

into this new county 

Flowing with milk and honey

Flowers blooming

Living present 

In time with the seasons of love

Remembering to Breathe

Remembering to laugh

Remembering to give thanks

Remembering to sing

That is truly all I need to do to be successful 

Remembering to forgive

all that came before now

Remembering to live alive

Right now

That is enough

That is everything 


Self Portrait #10 by Amy Mehringer

11 years ago today…

11 years ago, on March 18, 2011, during the season of Lent, I started this very blog.

I had no idea where life would lead during the next decade, but for lots of those years my way is chronicled in this blog. It’s the picture of a beautiful, difficult pathway, always leading me into life.

Over the past few weeks, without realizing the anniversary was coming today, this work has been calling to me again, after a hiatus of a while…

Last year was a whirlwind of wedding and moving and working on a business together, and buying and remodelIng a house and moving again.

Now THAT’s done!!! Yay!

Could it be, could there be…time…to do this again? Possibly, maybe.

I feel ready to explore it!

From the porch last night…

There was a moment 

When the light softened, 

when the day shifted 

from day to evening.

When my eyes began to feel unafraid to look in that Western-ly direction. 

When diamonds turned to molten gold,

and the riches of this place

felt earned and bestowed.

Vision of Emerald stripes, 

Spring smells,

the sound of duck and bird,

touch of cold nose,

smell of fresh cut grass

taste of salt and earth,

Blended into the deep orange 

breathing-full purple and gray

the still glass of the lake reflecting 

this brilliant light and

all the tall trees,

Standing ready to burst. 

There was a moment

when the decadent spread, 

This feast of the heart,



Senses – 

Felt completely satisfied 

In this day




Fully-Felt –

As only this moment 

could be felt. 




Brought to surface 

to belong in the world 

of my ever surprising, 

evolving life 

There was a moment 

When lingering in 

gathering dusk,

quick creeping chill,

(after glowing warm)

adventurous puppy,

abundance of gifts,

gratuitous gratefulness,

all encompassing awareness,

my body and mind sat still,

while my soul and heart 

had a riotous dance party

all among the daffodils,

toasting life,

with all its wonder!

There was a moment 

when, content and satiated,

I took up my empty glass,

went inside,

and lit the fire. 

Amy Mehringer 3.2022

As William Blake used to say, “I’ve found my place to die.” Not anytime soon, hopefully, would love to spend the next lovely piece of years right here, and share the path from this place for a while –

maybe a little…

maybe a lot…

who knows…

all I know for sure is…

Life is a gift

in every difficulty,

in every easy,

in every sadness,

in every joy,

in every lonely,

in every lovely –

find the peace by finding the joy

In this broken world,

there is still more goodness

than anything else you will ever find.

The best is always yet to come.

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