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Life is full of endings & beginnings


What are you holding on to?


Spring wishes


I’m not sure who decided that dandelions were weeds, but the poor dandelion got a bad deal.
I walked through my new yard this morning on a beautiful bed of cheery, wish-filled dandelions, my favorite little violets and lucky, lucky clover. I sat on the deck and discovered the cutest little inch worm crawling on my hand and sang the inch worm song as i put him back in the grass, and as I thrilled to the bounty and beauty of spring, I was also reminded of my dad paying me a luxurious nickel for each large paper grocery bag full of dandelions I produced. I was never very good and probably only deserved 1/2 of my nickel! Ha
I’m kinda proud of that now, cause I like dandelions! Who decided they were weeds?????
More to come when I get rested up and get somewhat settled!
Happy Spring – bask, wallow and enjoy every beautiful bit!
Happy Spring to all!



For the love of trees


In the stillness




Good stuff…


extravagantly glorious pink trees for everyone!!!

Happy Spring to all!

Spring is busting out all over and the world is full of beautiful color! I love Spring!!!! My very favorite season!



Last year I did a Spring newsletter


today meditiate on this truth…

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