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December 1, 2014




January 17, 2012

Timing is everything. How do we wait on things we want more than life? How many times have I run ahead of God and not waited? Almost always. It never seems to get any easier for me, yet I have learned the value and the importance and so I struggle to incorporate this all important lesson into my life. Timing…learn timing…timing is everything. Wait for the right gift, wait for the best blessing, wait for exactly what you need to be prepared and given to you…in the fullness of time!

Help me, dear Lord! May I wait in peace and be ready for action when you show me the way!

October 13, 2011

I had a meeting on Monday which led me to one of the most important books I have ever read, One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp.

Do you understand the notion of giving Thanks for EVERYTHING? It’s not a natural practice for us. We like to pick and choose the ‘gifts’ we like to be thankful for, and we are very subjective. If I don’t like peas – then I’m not thankful for peas.

When you begin to look at EVERYTHING and find the thankfulness, then you begin to find a whole new level of joy, and we all want, and need, more joy!

October 12, 2011

There are so many things to say, and so may ways to say it. There are millions of people sharing their thoughts and lives through blogs, books, video, tv, etc. We are literally overwhelmed with messages at the moment, pulling us in all different directions.

How do we sift through the vast amount of good, bad and ugly out there to get to the stuff that matters to us? Awareness! Awareness is the key to all change. When we become aware of the fact that we have the choice to create our own life experience, and we accept the fact that we can only make those choices for ourselves, no one else. We begin to take responsibility for our own actions, we begin to think about our choices, and our lives begin to change. Omly then can we begin to determine our own true path and create a life of true joy and happiness.

My message is not one of ‘do it like me’ my message is ‘think about your life, find your truth and joy’!

I hope my words inspire you. There are so many things to discover – I live as a seeker and a warrior of the light. I am not all things to all people, I am just finding my way and want to encourage others to wake up and do the same!

I know that there are a lot of people who are experiencing what I have experienced in this life – insecurity, control, abuse, rejection, pain, loss, spiritual manipulation, divorce, scandal, broken and unequal relationships, stalking, homelessness, poverty, joblessness…the list goes on and on…I have lived through all of those things and through it I have CHOSEN these opposite things: the power of giving and receiving unconditional love, to live a good life, to struggle for forgiveness, to always look for the miracles, to trust that the circumstances are beyond my understanding, but to trust they are always meant for my good.

For 21 years now I have put all of my eggs into one basket of faith, based on the words of Jesus in Matthew chapters 5-7. I have clung to the words in Psalm 37 through the devastaion that followed me for year after year, and I have stubbornly believed that by refusing bitterness, anger, revenge and victimhood, I would find a better way than those who I saw around me chosing these terrible things, and bringing such destruction into their lives.

I have found it to be even better than I ever imagined! I have gained so much more than I ever even knew was possible! It’s not cause I’m so special and it just comes easy to me. It is hard!!! It is also worth it! I am just a normal person with lots of broken road and bad choices behind me, bad habits that I keep working on and a weakness for shoes! This is a journey which will not end in this lifetime! I love that!!!!

I share my story because I know how important life is. How important it is to hear the following words – Anyone can!!!! Our lives are made up of choices. Each moment is a new choice for a new beginning and in this current moment, it’s always our choice!!!!!!

One thought on “Other Words

  1. Your words and blog do inspire me. I’m now a follower. And I’ll check out One Thousand Gifts. Thank you. Dave

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