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 WHAT I PROPOSE TO do now is to try listening to my life as a whole, or at least to certain key moments of the first half of my life thus far, for whatever of meaning, of holiness, of God, there may be in it to hear. My assumption is that the story of any one of us is in some measure the story of us all.

For the reader, I suppose, it is like looking through someone else’s photograph album. What holds you, if nothing else, is the possibility that somewhere among all those shots of people you never knew and places you never saw, you may come across something or someone you recognize. In fact—for more curious things have happened—even in a stranger’s album, there is always the possibility that as the pages flip by, on one of them you may even catch a glimpse of yourself. Even if both of those fail, there is still a third possibility which is perhaps the happiest of them all, and that is that once I have put away my album for good, you may in the privacy of the heart take out the album of your own life and search it for the people and places you have loved and learned from yourself, and for those moments in the past—many of them half forgotten—through which you glimpsed, however dimly and fleetingly, the sacredness of your own journey. 


Frederich Buechner

These two paragraphs conclude the introduction to The Sacred Journey:

Living is the hardest thing you’ll ever do after all it kills you. 

    – Audrey Hepburn

There is no escape from the higher themes of my life

Moving into

As above so below

Mirror mirror

Hearts burning alive

The problems of this sector 

is like smoke sitting in my lungs

Crazy dreams help me let go

Of the old traumas

As the butterfly emerges



Beauty captivates

I will be its prisoner

Feed me forever

until I die

‘Love always wins’


‘The best is yet to come’

Will continue to be my life bridging mantras

these few steps across the great divide of 




Holding hands

Leaping together 


the mysterious melting pot

of the greatest learning life provides 

two becoming one


through our days

of good/bad



forever more

gracefully, gratefully holding 

this amazing gift


Amy Mehringer 

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