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Big Moves

Sometimes the magnitude of how life is changing for me brings me to a complete stop – as I sit, stand, pause, keep washing the dishes, etc. and just acknowledge these huge moments and breathe my gratitude for all that is now…

Dental Appointments
Easter Decorations
Grocery Shopping
Cooking Dinner
Baking bread
New Curtains
Creating a home
Two becoming One

The Path to Union

By means of Invocation, the being awakens,
and awakening becomes fullness.
By means of balancing, fullness becomes internal wholeness.
By virtue of exteriorized attention,
internal wholeness becomes communion.
By virtue of self-forgetfulness,
Communion becomes Union.

-David Truman

Life seems so simple in so many ways…
have decided to just stay in this moment
and allow life to find it’s way


I said goodbye to old keys,
faded welcome mats, too—

chipped porcelain, torn feelings,
and fragmented dreams.

I said goodbye to past things
that were no longer true:

Bad connections,
warped reflections,

and high expectations
I couldn’t hold to.

I said goodbye to old pain,
bitter tears and dull varnish;

so long, wishes that waned
or got covered with tarnish.

I said goodbye to old keys
that open doors obsolete—

‘bye to staying too long
when it’s better to leave.

And goodbye to
the land of fabricated ideals,

—goodbye make-believe.
Hello, what is real.

Goodbye, over-thinking.
Hello, let it be.

I said, hello cloudless mind,
rolling hills and new scenes.

Old Keys by Susan Frybort Brown

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