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who’s your closer baby?


 Though we know

                          everything is bounded
by time,
              there is, after all,
in which time has its function,
                                                       but does not rule.
I remember one game, years ago,
                                           in the ninth inning,
the home team, down seven runs, scored eight,
and after two were out.
                                            So it’s possible, even though
we think we know,
                                            that we do not know,
and Bonds will hit the game winning, three-run jack,
and the fans,
                           the local ones anyway,
                                                                     will go home satisfied.
The limits are vague, or undefined, or possibly misunderstood.
Which is not to say
                                            there are secret ways out
or exceptions to the body’s slow decline.
it gives you a place to doubt from,
                                                       a perspective that,
like the curve, will move in, or out, or not,
                                                                    but works,


National Pastime by Bill Mayer


Listen to Dan Frishberg sing Van Lingle Mungo


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