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the answer to how is love

 Everything is made of God.         Love lies waiting in it.

Every darkest mystery
         hides grace.

The most desperate act
         is born of hopeful longing:
though the hope has been withheld
         the longing still burns.

Even the greatest tragedy
         is made of blessed pieces
and drips with the light 
         of grace it has passed through.

In even the most evil despot
         a heart beats and breath is given.

The graver the injustice
         the deeper the listening needed;
the more foul the evil
         the more love is required.

Grieve your sorrows without pretense.
         Protest oppression with courage.
Above all: don’t lose trust in the grace
         already infolded in the knot.
Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light


Listen to Gungor sing Beautiful Things

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