life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

building a life…together


things hurt…

that certain wording…

raises Lazarus from the sepulcher…

that thing dead…

becoming alive as it

becomes deader…

any lingering hope…

carried unknown…

rising on a turn-of-phrase…


grief comes in

rising tides…

with a birthday celebration…

a wish for happiness…

becomes a greater letting go…

a working through…

of what you didn’t know…

you still held in your heart…

it is right and proper…

to cry a little…

scream a little…

speak your truth

then let your heart settle

into the blue and gold softness

of forgiveness

of letting go

of what no longer serves

then stepping firmly into relationship

life without the edge

of the bleeding cut

letting the wounds heal

in the cleared air between your two hearts

recognize the moment

when the pain is no longer sharp

start this new beginning


to be happy

to build a new safe dwelling

smile when the wind blows through your hair

reminding you of the work you have completed

to accept both parts of the gift

giving and receiving equally important

take the step forward

and commit to your new life


2 Days Before the Wedding by Amy Lloyd 01.07.21

celebrate early and often

welcome to the next chapter….

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