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In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown. And in between, there are doors. ― William Blake

Those who wish to enter this path must accept that they can never explain either to themselves or to others the mysterious inner unfolding that is taking them home.”

― Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Catching the Thread: Sufism, Dreamwork, and Jungian Psychology

Fear resists. Resistance thickens. Allow your veils to thin. Love glows through Autumn rind. Get hollow.

Wake up, let go of dream. Wake down, let go of mind. Be, through brittle leaves, sunlight. The grace of death will hold you almost weightless in your fall.

On the far side of your face is radiance. Don’t name it. On the far side of radiance, the un-created dark. Polish it with breathing.

And what is on the other side of emptiness? Your barefoot kiss upon the earth, a round green mallet in the gong of silence.

Penetrate each opposite until you touch the other’s axis, arriving at the tremor of genesis, shattering the Imperishable into purer fragments of itself.

A nipple of purple chanterelle, shivering upward in the mist. The vulva of a broken apple, bubbling in a sunbeam. Ferns remembering to bow.

Presence solidifies, for there is nothing else….

but this mud moment where it all began, which is where you stand, the stinging grass, the wetness.


Fred LaMotte

And the things you know before you hear them; these are you and the reason you are in the world.


William Stafford


just as you are

rusty and dusty

a bit ragged

with that nagging cough

edges frayed and worn

a bit of dust is the stuff of life

dry bones beginning to breathe

be alert, that’s not chocolate under your fingernails…

check the room, don’t let the bedbugs bite…

but do let your out-dated arrogance go up in smoke

easily, so easily, let go your striving

remember life is but a dream within a dream

kiss me with the mouth with which you just voraciously ate rare meat –

that mouth you drank copious amounts of wine, with –

just kiss me thoroughly

let your carnal juices run and mingle with mine

don’t stop to wipe your sweat dripping onto my waiting skin

let me trust you

with my darkest secrets

and yes, please, do the same for me

let’s tell the stuff that make us squirm

let’s be completely uncomfortable together

leave the light on so I see all of your naked body

while you trace my stretch marks I will gently kiss your souls’ scars

we’ll lay all night in pools of our wetness

square in the middle of the circle of us

arms and legs intertwined and hearts entwined

until I am paralyzed with the beauty

I am learning everything I need to know in this world

the song of the whales as they ride the green and blue star filled waves

into the night sky of eternity


Amy Lloyd

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One thought on “In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown. And in between, there are doors. ― William Blake

  1. Bravo Amy Loyd, ✌️❣Annie

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