life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

carry on

cut to the chase my friend

God dances us

woos us until we can’t help falling

head over heels

leave the past behind

step into a fresh page

the flow of spirits connecting hearts will heal our wounds

boil it down to the clearest truth

what does it cost to live our highest life?

distilled wisdom imparted with every word we share

simplicity (distilled beauty),

kindness (distilled love)

and authenticity (distilled truth)

are earths highest spiritual achievements

give me passion for these three gifts of grace

the light always shines out of darkness

stars are not visible in the day skies

candles never staying hidden by the multitude of bushels

the wildfire burns away the dry grasses

a fine sprinkle of salt goes a long way to the discerning tastebud

laying on of hands warms the whole circle like a cashmere sweater

we are given choices (free will)

what we choose brings us heaven or hell

don’t base your longterm goals on short-term goods

always keep in mind what you want most

think about what you are tolerating once in a while

look in the mirror to see God’s reflection

staple it to your forehead

take it with you to staple it to the foreheads of everyone you meet

carry on now

carry on


Amy Lloyd

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