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There is a spectacle grander than the sea, and that is the sky; there is a spectacle grander than the sky, and that is the interior of the soul.

– Hugo / Les Misérables

Your Soul is everything. The ‘Am that I Am.’ Your beingness. The you that is simultaneously part of the all. The God part that is aware of itself. Unfathomably, your Soul is the stuff of eternity, time without end, spanning space and dimensions. It is the Love of All Loves. It is inextinguishable Source of Light. Your Soul is home.

Your Soul is the destination- your feelings are the road signs directing you to it. Your feelings lead you home by giving you moment-by-moment signals.

– Danielle LaPorte

Success is not a result of spontaneous combustion.

You must set yourself on fire.

Find what you love and let it kill you,

Fine advice from Bukowski.

Set your soul,

Your very life, on fire.

Then let it loose

all over your world

Feed it well

Let it breathe

Until your song

Rises from the ashes

Of what used to be your broken life

but now warms the worn

and speaks grace to the pilgrims

Resting along the way


Amy Lloyd

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