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I’ll be a witness

Everybody’s writing a book

Full to the edges with stories of brokenness

smutty sensational stuff

sex, drugs and handguns

prison time and scandals with the local preacher

Im too tired to tango

Coming to terms with my own past

at least at the present moment

resting in the knowledge that I am just enough

tho not that special after all

Which makes me laugh out loud

I no longer carry the world on my shoulders

Atlas has long ago faded from the scene

Holding up my piece of the blue sky

Requires my full attention

I rest in any spare moment I can garner

Ever learning this afresh –

God equals Love!

triangle becomes circle

as does every other shape of the heart

I smile a little as step into this sparkly stage

gloriously lighted by personal security

I simply open my mouth

and sing


Amy Lloyd

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