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walk slowly

If your life doesn’t often make you feel

like a cauldron of swirling light —

If you are not often enough a woman standing above a mysterious fire,

lifting her head to the sky —

You are doing too much, and listening too little.

Read poems. Walk in the woods. Make slow art.

Tie a rope around your heart, be led by it off the plank,

happy prisoner.

You are no animal. You are galaxy with skin.

Home to blue and yellow lightshots,

making speed-of-light curves and racecar turns,

bouncing in ricochet –

Don’t slow down the light and turn it into matter

with feeble preoccupations.

Don’t forget your true name:

Presiding one. Home for the gleaming. Strong cauldron for the feast of light.

Strong cauldron for the feast of light:

I am speaking to you.

I beg you not to forget.



Your Other Name } by Tara Sophia Mohr

Meanwhile, back at the resurrection

night has turned to day

here I stand amazed

at my own rebirth

dazed and a bit confused

eyes blinking in the morning sun

attempting to adjust

I am completely changed

from my life to death

back to life experience

more than a bit claustrophobic

due to the burial, no doubt

I am no longer sure

if my bank account is active

or my passport still relevant

how will I go on here in the world now?

what will my friends and family do with this who-is-now me?

they who have done with grief

and moved along with life in-between

I am, for sure, no longer the way I used to be

I have, for sure, experienced things they will never understand

I have flown with angels

and seen what lies beyond the Milky Way

I have, for sure, left my fear behind me in that fresh, unmarked grave

I know, for sure, there will be no turning back,

no compromise of this wild and exquisite thing beating within me

this life of mine is mine

this heartbeats miracle will be never forgotten gift

I can only take this first step

away from this boneyard

named and dated final markers

a place I no longer belong

I can only start close in

in silent revelry walking

along this uncharted path

which will only be revealed by my footsteps

I discard my grave clothes

and turn to see the colors of my new self shining

I take a small shaky step

and find the ground holds my weight

I breathe deep

inhale – exhale

soon I will attempt to speak

with my new voice

there is a song being written

which must be sung

a beauty seeking to burst

which will no longer be denied

a love now known

which will never be unknown

I raise my hands and kiss the sky

I bow my knees and kiss the ground

I rise and begin the journey

home through the narrow gate

that leads home to LIFE


Amy Lloyd

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