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i don’t know…


When you Don’t Know, 

there is a crack in the delusion of mind.

And you can be penetrated 

by an entire Universe.

Not Knowing is not ignorance.

Nor is it stupidity.

It is Curiosity. It is Wonder.

It is the relaxation of the separate ‘I’, 

and the presence of great Compassion.

When you Don’t Know you can be entered

by a tired sun exploding into reds and oranges,

by a yellow moon and a trillion distant stars, 

so far yet so close,

so distant yet so Here. 


Knowledge will not bring you to it.

The ‘I’ cannot understand it.

Not Knowing is its gateway.

Surrender to the moon. 

– Jeff Foster

what does fear gain us? 

what’s the upside of my refusal to let go?

why was my before so much better than my now? 

does letting go mean I’ll just sit down…

stay here forever…

in my misery…

in this less than glamorous corner I find myself in?

everybody I know lives on the edge of a page

turning softly as the answers 

arriving on the wind

clearing the cloud obscured vision

of our wandering wondering 

everybody I know lives on the rocks of the active volcano 

hanging onto the burning questions 

waiting for the miles to find the nightingale’s broken-hearted love song

 sometimes we say things we don’t mean to help us get through this hard moment we stand in

sometimes we truly think we mean these words declared 

the heart given so freely

while in bondage to another

until we step into a new chapter and find they were just a wish

a desperate plea of hoping to find an easy way out

a numbing poultice to relieve the pain

while the infection remains ignored

the flamingo shakes her tail feathers 

The grackle’s shadow invades our dreams 

We keep meeting our own colors in every one of these beauteous spirals 

messages left in each dropped exquisite feather on our pathway

patience is a virtue very few are rich enough to pay the humble price to gain

hearts are very fragile when allowed to keep breaking 

  “Imagine the world of our voices sing out the Sterling news” 

  – m.e.

Imagine all the people living in light and love within themselves

Imagine what a changed world that would be

what if we were no longer afraid of light shining within us

what if it no longer matters if we live in the now of ourselves

what if we look at the larger question of ‘oughtness’ 

What then? 

My God, what happens then?? 

Amy Lloyd


I remember a time before




But, the

Light was always there.




                came anyway.

God in-siding out

what had to be heard

the healing of heroines 

chubby doves sitting on the wires and pines waving slightly in a shallow breath 

I remember a time before mystics were real,

before eternity was now

when planting seeds took strong backs

and dreams of cottage gardens 

I could see in my mind

waves and rows

I remember a time before waking in the night

Spirit praying within me

so glad that not all prayers were answered then…

but complete now 



speaks with this Voice 

Knitty, gritty

   God of my heart

beginning again,

this morning with havens within me

 grocery list in the pocket of my purse

a chair full of laundry to put into drawers

a party to plan

cottage light bending towards the west

 thirst so great for the people of God

          Be Still 




this separate land

opening the front door

God in the House

Peace in the Heart…

going to buy strawberries

wave at the babies I see 


Rev. Donna Knutson (via Facebook)

While you were sleeping
the ocean was moving inside you.
Rivers were making their long journeys.
Couriers walked through the darkness
knowing the way, finding places.

In the morning when you sit to pray
your prayers return to you
from their unseen journeys.
By the time you say them
they are tired.
They have done good work.
Let them rest
on a soft bed of silence.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes


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