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stick with me

gloom is cheap
the end of the world is always coming
let us do the hard thing
live our highest and best lives…whatever that means to each one of us
kiss each other deeply right there in the kitchen
reach for each other in the middle of the day…via whatever route possible
give all our deepest love in this moment of right now
declare all our burning passions with conviction…bringing our possibilities into transformations
share our most important truths…even if our voice shakes
celebrate every little thing we give and receive with all the joy we can feel
Amy Lloyd

Does it matter if we meet on every level?
You first saw me as your antithesis,
not knowing I was bearing
your earliest wounds underneath
an aging smile. Never mind
that your hair has grayed softly,
or that the lines have deepened beside my eyes
as the years carried us toward one another.
Craving understanding, we finally recognized—
as if for the first time—
our beautiful reflection revealed, and in an open mirror
we share awareness.
It’s all right that your clothes are worn in disarray
or that my scrambled words don’t always make it to you
in the full context of their meaning—
for when we unveil our fears,
then release all the false ideals,
we embrace a clear perception
and become what is real and lasting.
And while I stumbled along in my own world
knowing you were in yours,
the days seemed so disheveled
without you in them— incomplete shambles.
Once joined, it all fell into place—
it grew to make perfect sense.Will we need soft music coiling within seductive lighting
to climax into blissful realization?
Or can we soar to unimaginable heights
entwined in one another’s eyes, encouraging our visions
into ripe, edible fruit to nourish us the rest of the way?
Will we remain enamored without the excess,
and not be swallowed up by life?
While we’re captivated by the wondrous forest inside,
we learn there is so much more to explore,
with all the rest to uncover.
As we complement everyday living
with our most passionate desires
we stay wrapped around each other,
two vines climbing time—
my dreams ‘round yours,
yours around mine.
Do you know what determines our bond
then keeps us affixed? And what
fused our soul connection?
What holds us is that you saw me
in my most vulnerable of moments,
and didn’t turn away.
What melds us is that you genuinely placed your
innermost heart in my care,
and I kept it alive, nurturing its every pulse, tenderly.
What matters in the design of love is this,
that two beings show themselves
to one another every day,
then ride out the storms
secured in the strength of their trusting embrace.
The sweet, resilient fastening between truth and love
is the most divine and sacred alignment.

Aligned by Susan Frybort

Images found on pinterest / al513

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