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of road-trips and birthday’s

Of roadtrips and birthdays

Days before the new year starts

We are doing so much brave and new!

We are opening


stepping in

reaching out

shouting louder

whispering softly





letting go

feeling fullness

washing dishes

pouring wine

clearing the old

embracing the new

sweeping the threshold

then stepping over it

life is happening now

as we breathe

as we bathe

as we lose

as we find

as we smile

as we cry

as we live

as we die


Amy Lloyd

Happy Birthday to my lovely fellow-girl adventurer in the great path of life, Robin O’Neal

path. 12.25.15
the path keeps winding
I keep walking
always into surprises
always into adventures
today an unexpected ‘wow’ on the path
love always wins
grace always changes us
I keep seeing it
as I let go into the the flow
It just keeps expanding
love is truly the only thing that could possibly change this world,
or anyone,
someone like
Amy Lloyd

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