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begin again

Carrying heavy things

into the past

just so I can

lay them down on a convenient corner

and so continue on around the bend

without the load I’ve borne beforehand

the next light years ahead

will be easy like Sunday morning

Songs and friends of yesterday

returning to play new verses

versions of ourselves yet to be

coming to the forefront

stages set with beauty

bells ringing all around the glorious trees and rooftops

what’s the next best step?

when’s the celebration?

pop the cork, baby

Let’s start today

look at what you’ve accomplished

in such a short span of life

count the days a complete success

there is no such thing as failure, anyway

look me in the eye and give me your best defense

then, look forward into the shining future

and tell me how much you love me –

let peace descend onto the earth

let it begin

again and again

with me


Amy Lloyd

Reverence may take all kinds of forms, depending on what it is that awakens awe in you by reminding you of your true size.

~Barbara Brown Taylor


(Of the Glory of Growing Older)

No one told me

it would be like this—

how growing older

is another passage

of discovery

and that aging is one

grand transformation,

and if some things

become torn apart

or even lost along the way,

many other means

show up

to bring me closer

to the center

of my heart.


No one ever told me

if whatever wonder

waits ahead

is in another realm

and outside of time.

But the amazement, I found,

is that the disconcerting things

within the here and now

that I stumble

and trip my way

through, also

lead me



And no one told me

that I would ever see

an earth so strong

and fragile, or

a world so sad

and beautiful.

And I surely

didn’t know

I’d have

all this life

yet in me

or such fire

inside my



Susan Frybort

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