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wanted: oboe

Can I provoke you to send me a voicemail full of laughing?

Love is revealed beyond its invisible threading

re-stitching our lives and hearts


as they keep bursting at the seams

with joy-filled peals

Let your light-star shine

brighter than the sun

reflecting to the moon

and back again to your upturned smile

Uncover your shaded solar plexus

Until I am blinded by your yellow

What other colors would you like to show?

Let them shimmer and ooze

like molten, blended rainbows

Today’s lesson:

sit in the over-large, comfy chair of silence

empty, yet also full of gratitude beyond emotion

Until the oboe comes to reenergize you

then wash your face of yesterday’s smudges

and lightly step out

onto your own beautiful path

for this very moment in eternity


Amy Lloyd

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