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An examination is always in order.

A thorough taking out,

deep intensive scanning,

fine combing,

hands gently running over every inch,

thoughts probing deepest depths




yes, our heart is always mystery

Who can possibly know it?

Guard it,

know it,

teach it,

keep it,

tenderly care for it,

tend its ever growing garden.

Your whole life depends on it.


Amy Lloyd

Practice beauty everyday

listen to the hawk cry as it flies over,

hear the stampede of deer hooves as they run through the woods;

notice the first frost on the morning grass.

Follow your eyes,

to those of a stranger


Feel the distance between you and a child,

pick up the phone,

hear their voice , ” hey ma.”

practice beauty everyday

Leave a tip larger than you can afford

know generosity as wisdom,

kindness as ordinary,

respect as necessary

Follow your eyes

to those of the elderly,


Witness what passes too quickly,

as time,

as weather,

wonder wished

dreams yet to live

Taste the first cup of hot chocolate


a tiny sip

practice beauty everyday

hold something lightly in your hands,

turn them upwards when you pray,

be moved by somersaults

a holy handshake

a hug


practice beauty everyday.


Rev. Donna Knutson

December 2017

Amazing Photos above by Leslie Haberman

There is no comfort without engagement,
no good news without strings attached.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes

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