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When you hear of wars and rumors of wars,
do not be alarmed….
The good news must first be proclaimed to all nations….
You will stand before governors and kings because of me,

as a testimony to them.

The Holy Spirit will speak through you…..

—from Mark 13.7-13

The lectionary for Sunday quits before the hard part.

Jesus describes the birth pangs:

a new world is being born out of this one.

But then he goes on to say:

You are the midwife of the world being born.

You are the mother giving birth.

You are the new birth.

In this world of hate and greed and fear

you are the Resistance.

You are a revolutionary,

not by heroic acts of destruction or rebellion

but by acts of grace and mercy.

It is love that subverts the world.

Every moment of beauty or generosity

undermines the foundation of this world

of consumption and conflict.

Every act of gentleness and forgiveness

tears down the walls of the Empire,

not one stone left on another.

The Spirit overthrows the world

through you.

Resist the empire of violence

with acts of love.

Even the smallest ones are powerful.

Not merely lovely, the widow’s mite

is dynamite.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light

this is not your momma’s beatnik

this is not your dad’s beret

this is not your sisters pothead

not your brothers crazy wife

this is not the inquisition

this is not the third degree

this is not just sit and listen

this is not another way

this is not your bad boy rocker

this is not green eggs and ham

this is not your high school locker

not a cry to ‘give a damn’

this is life in all its glory

this is life to have to hold

this is life step up and claim it

this is life speak up be bold

this is time to tell your story

this is how it’s said and done

this is time to stand and tell it

this is how your battle’s won


Amy Lloyd

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