life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

yes, really

mainly on days like today,

like yesterday,

and a week before that

I seem to follow cars to cemeteries and stand there, honored to witness what happens when life is between the realms.

I watch people doing their God work

spilling stories,

labeling the generations;

seeing love slip in and between poetry and the protection that the 23rd Psalm gives.

Feeling the presence of the Spirit of the Living God.

Knowing the gap is narrow,

the work is great,

that the kindness of others matters greatly

that forgiveness needs to happen often

that the gone are not gone

only until we meet again;

people cry from loneliness

or perhaps their forgotten holiness,

angels holding hands in parking lots

and revelation comes when you can lean in on a friend

and know that God just touched your shoulder.

If not for vows,

For creation,

For ordination,

then whose eyes were watching?

if not for freedom

then who shook the death off my wings?

who willed the child to bend?

taught the hips to dance and the hands to heal?

Who taught that death would never win

and every day would be the first day of my life?

That Christ, would speak volumes through all of eternity.


Rev. Donna Knutson

And to someone on the verge of a total breakthrough, during the latter days of human evolution, one might explain God by asking them to turn up the music, take off their shoes, walk in the grass, unleash the dogs, free the canary, catch a breeze, ride a wave, dance every day, get up early, take a nap, stay out late, eat chocolate, feel the love, give stuff away, earn it back, give some more, and laugh…. Really.

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