life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

days like this

there is wonder 

in the shape of things

much more than simple function in the form

magnificence in patterns 

grace in the traced template 

outlining perfection

or a the very least, 

mind-boggling excellence 

there is magic in moments together

simply exquisite how I love these things so much

my mind conjures up some of my favorite things:

♦️cotton candy clouds reorganizing in mid air

🔹ferns unfolding, like majestic fans for kingly trees

🔸leaves dancing to the grounded drum beats of rain

♦️random pieces of life naturally shaped into hearts

🔹a thick, glass 6 oz coke bottle, icy cold, being pulled from a clanging machine…1970’s style

🔸cupcakes with perfect frosting being deconstructed one finger swipe at a time

♦️the outline of a baby cheek sleeping on the shoulder of the young man in front of you

🔹Rama Desi’s yellow house, complete with intricately drawn chalk sidewalk dragons

🔸tracing the most perfect button I’ve ever seen on a belly

my list must be a million miles long…

ever growing, changing, being continued 

as life does with each breath

the fingers of my imagination slowly, lovingly,


gently touch each one…

…lingering on you…

as my mind takes me into other worlds

cinema scope of beautiful shapes,

wealth of living awareness,

far beyond limits 

the riches of the mystic 

always ready

even if we pause for a moment 

these details are the delight

we share these visions with each other

(sometimes calling them poems)

these words of this and that 

we scribe

to describe

to be seen

to discover

our selves

our beauty

our universes

our homes

our neighbors

our friends

our families 

our lovers

each lingering like sweet honey on the tongue

then continuing on at their own perfect pace

into eternity


Amy Lloyd

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