life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

dance n sing

Merge with your doubt.

Become one with


Past and future

are too heavy to bear,

but in this moment

you are weightless,

at home with loss,

every atom filled with

the empty sky.

Moved by the stillness

of your Mother’s breath,

fall into dancing and sing,

‘I don’t know!’

Fred LaMotte


Your personal healing has

never been done before.

Not by anyone

but you.

So be patient, gentle, merciful

and kind as you attempt to

uncover, untangle, revisit and reclaim

inside the vast field of emotions

within the process

of Working Through.

This means you will be required

to reshuffle and sort an array of

misplaced feelings. So, don’t sprint

through the tall grass, past the

wildflowers of misinterpretations

en route to recapturing and restoring

what has been lost or became disrupted.

And all you held that was

never really yours – guilt for not

doing enough, blame for upsetting

the current, pushback for taking

your rightful space – let it fall

to the ground.

Then from here on out,

despite the ups and downs,


You don’t have to

pick up everything

that gets thrown at you.


Susan Frybort

This day is the beginning of the 7th Annual Creative Collaborative ReTreat the vision of my friend, Robin O’Neal! This year is special and we hold this space in a new place of love and joy!

So excited for all these new beginnings! I believe in the new things comin’

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