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Confusion is a place between places.

The area where my true sense of direction

is obscured by the mists of varying emotion.

The moment before settling into my body

and allowing the potent feeling to fill me…



Here’s to Confusion.

Here’s to patterns being disrupted

by life’s unpredictable tempo.

Here’s to Not Knowing,

yet somehow grasping

I can withstand and bend

just like open waters;

being receptive to the teachings

of contrast and change

and to finally seeing.

Here’s to Lost Footing.

To being thrown off balance

and breaking through

my deep-grooved thinking

and outdated styles of perceiving.

Here’s to walking into waves

of fresh ideas and colliding

with radical ways of being.

Here’s to Frustration

and Disorientation.

To climbing out of the rut of habit

and swimming into waters of freedom.

Here’s to Discomfort

and Dissatisfaction;

how they lead me to deeper paths

and redirect my attention to

the light of alternative reason.

Here’s to Pains of Truth

overcoming erroneous roots.

When even the simple things

become strangely complicated,

here’s to forming new concepts,

gathering bold insights,

and to gaining with each

untried day, a life deeply lived

with grace, spilling over

with meaning.


Susan Frybort

All of your smarts

don’t fit in the lifeboat.

Your accomplishments

are too heavy for this parachute.

Even your thoughts

are only junk in your pockets.

The ideas people have of you,

even your own,

make quite a pile,

don’t they,

enough to fill a grave,

too big a pile

to fit through

the tiny door to heaven,

the little keyhole

into real life.

All that fits through

the needle’s eye

is your soul.

Why are you

afraid of that?

Thread this realm

with your beauty.

You are a song,

it passes through,

whole and perfect,

and fills the world.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light

(Facebook/Fred LaMotte)

Took a leap of faith

Thought I’d learn how to fly

Lookin’ for rainbows

And dreams passing by

Looking for answers

To a whole bunch of lies

Tryin’ to be anybody but me

had no idea how hard life could be

As I started to fall

As I crashed to the ground

picked myself up

and here’s truth that I found


Learned I must bend

So I won’t break

How to get real

Not be a fake

Chose to smile through the pain

And never to hate

Now I’m flying so high

While I’m walking around

Cause the sky doesn’t end

Till it reaches the ground


Living each day now

Each step by faith

It’s so good to be

Right here in this place

Just You and me now

Stopped asking why

Don’t need the answers

to all of the lies

found I Am all that I need to be

ready to live ‘cause it’s time to be free

finding my way through blue skies or gray


Cause I’m walking on sunshine

On top of the world

Hooked on this feeling

Yes, I’m one happy girl


Learned to find rainbows

Right in the rain

Found out I had more

The more that I gave

Chose to be happy

Not to complain

Living with passion

I know what Im worth

Cause life didn’t start

Till I got down to earth


Yes, I’m flying so high

While I’m walking around

Cause the sky doesn’t end

Till it reaches the ground


Amy Lloyd

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