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Eruptions of light

fighting their way into the night

Brighter than the sun

shining on this long term run

the rain falls gently to bring in cooler weather

I am worthy

I am loved

the answers are always ‘yes and amen’

Red roped promises tied onto places where the light shines through

waiting for fortress walls within to fall into crumbles

trust’s face turning from ruthless to adventurous

I stand tall, rooted like a mighty oak

leaving the graves behind

the cracks between life and death now bridged by joy

sun’s coming up on the street where I will live

morning glories singing all the verses of, ‘You are my sunshine’

I hold the beat a full measure longer

as I kiss the sky between us

and hold your heart in pure gold love


Amy Lloyd

You lack one thing;

go, sell what you own, and give the money to the poor,

and you will have treasure in heaven;

then come, follow me.

—Mark 10.21

You lack one thing.

What is that one thing

Jesus knows you need

to lay your hands on

and set out to the curb?

What impedes your headlong rush into God’s arms?

What treasure weighs in your pocket,

what railing do you cling to

even as you long to leap

over the tiny abyss between you?

Surely your riches, but more.

Your expertise? Your approval rating?

The despair that enfolds you

when you face the fright of the deep unknown?

The familiar failure that nestles you,

hides you from the risk, the ask, the new?

You won’t find it reading this.

Go sit in silence and listen for the beckoning.

See what arises to stop you.

Then lay your hands on it, my friend,

tie it down and walk away.

The one thing you lack

is your freedom.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light


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