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R. I. P.

Why am I still here?

What am I adding to this world?

the questions are a bit wandering

as well as wondering

I think through what I keep answering,

You’re here to spend as much time with your family as possible

You’re here to enjoy these moments

You’re here because you and I needed to meet and help each other

You’re here because the cats job isn’t done and she still needs to protect you

You’re here because there’s still meaning and purpose for you to be here

I know it’s difficult to be confused

I know it’s difficult to be dependent

I know it’s difficult to forget so many things

Life can definitely be difficult

You’re here because you’re loved

You’re here because you are adding love and joy to people’s lives

You’re here for more reasons than I can ever understand or name

(Just as we all are)

You’re here because you’re not quite ready

When you’re ready you will go

There are so many things we will never understand

as we let go into the inhale that keeps us here

so close to the exhale that lets us go

as we surrender into the soul of the soul of the universe

whose name is Love


Amy Lloyd

PS I love you

So how does the chain begin to link each one of us together?




I love that you are talented

I bow to the way you help others.

That you recognize your god given gifts.

That happiness and heartbreak sound like


That we speak different languages

And hold holy histories that come from the

North, the south, the east and the west.

That your joy spills out of your smiles,

That if I were to see you jump up and down

I would do the same in my heart .

You bless me with your shadows

the phases of the moon.

The creases in the broken sidewalk,

The miles you would drive to be by my side.

How feelings are important

And watching thoughts go by

Says, we are reaching fertile ground.

And though we are linked arm in arm,

I will let go of you

Be your impossible push,

Realize that all friends have their talents

But separate calls.

For in the end,

The chain was never broken

And the gift of being friends

Will always be the bond.


Rev. Donna Knutson

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