life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

in the moment of waiting

life and death hangs heavy on the 2nd floor

while right outside the clear glass pane

life goes on

the building of new houses

the preparation for moving storms

wind fills the waiting sail

the sun comes and goes

shifting easily moment to moment just like the tricky brain of the dementia patient

spaces of love held in careful prayer

music and forgiveness flow

full of light

cleaning the stagnant air

I have no control here in this radical space between worlds

angels fly around through the night

the reaper waits patiently in his corner

time slips freely through open hearts

gentle hands cup liquid grace

coaxing a smile here and there

the terrible beauty of death sits on gaunt faces

as a wavering query spills from dry lips,

Is this crossing over?

we, in a circle of three, agree that the crossing is near

rest now

it is well

it is well


Amy Lloyd

The Wisdom of Death

Many years ago,

Around the autumn of my thirty-seventh year,

A woman , with wisdom written on her brow, woven into her long gray braid ,

came into my life, who would say these words

And a few more, for a short two years.

Her words would weave sorrow into joy,

She would help me see, feel and hear

What adoration was bound up in my deep pain

My body torn open and broken for God.

That by expressing the wound the healing would be born into Light.

“ Place me like a seal over your heart,

Like a seal on your arm;

For love is as strong as death,

It’s jealously unyielding as the grave.

It burns like blazing fire,

Like a mighty flame.”

Song of Songs 8: 6

Her tongue was a cool burn

Through a steamy fog;

Her eyes deep blue

Taking the world in

Breathing holy flames that little dogs and chattering squirrels felt;

They quieted, to bow.

Her right arm, linked into my sweater as we walked through the park;

And it didn’t matter, if rain, or the wind of the Spirit God broke off orange and red leaves from the highest trees and threw them down onto grieving, gasping hearts

As perhaps for a second or three, the colors would transform into maybe a miracle or two;

For we were serving the angels

And leaning into the impossible abyss of death.

Facing scandals and refusing to pardon the emptiness that shatters the illusions,

Until there is deep rest…

Peace that passes all understanding,

Bearing witness to the beauty of the skies,

Reckoning with how small a casket can really get.

“ Many waters cannot quench love;

Rivers cannot sweep it away…”

And God holds all of the children

Whether man, woman or child

In a healing pool

Until the day when God captures the heart.

For the woman, who was carrying for this soul,

Had known of such deaths in her years on the earth,

And witnessed the torture and truth,

That within the wound and the loss of a child

Is the song that awakens the Birth


Rev. Donna Knutson


Dying Well

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