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Be opened, ears

that I may hear

what the Beloved is whispering to me.

Be opened, lips

that I may sing

of the grace I behold.

Be opened, heart,

to the mystery that unfolds,

the love that abounds.

Be opened, friend,

to me, and who I am,

and who you may be.

Be opened. mind,

to all that exceeds

what you already know.

Be opened, soul,

to this world

and its grace.

Be opened, self,

to be healed,

to be changed.

Be opened, heavens,

to receive us,

to commune here with us.

Let this be today’s prayer:


Be opened!


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light

I walk in clouds of messy grace

they follow me wherever I go

I traverse the worlds of the dark and the light

allowing both to be where I belong

I jump in puddles of deep infinity splashing stardust onto my feet of clay

I sail my ship into the driest desert full sails catching the hot winds of new understanding

I climb the highest mountains

to see all the beauty found above, below and within me

I lie in the green grass of myself as respect for the very stuff that I am made of

I drop for 3 hrs 45 minutes into the center of the earth

to allow my stubbornness to burn away

I search the seas at midnight to find one open heart like mine

I surrender all I have ever known for sure

to open my heart to your magic

You take me to places I’ve never known before

beyond the beyond and back again

We are the night ocean –

mysterious life. sparkling light-forms

We are the stable earth –

wings of birds. creepy creeping things

We are the rain forest –

rarest orchid. poison-est frog.

We are the arid desert –

stickiest cacti. smallest grain of sand.

We are the heavens –

guarded by angels. home of God.

We are the word –

spoken. written. thought.

We are the soul of the soul –

together we are the universe. the very center of everything. the beginning and the end.

I am you –

child. sibling. parent. friend. love.

as you are me –

loving. lover. loved. beloved. love.

we are possibles and i’m-possibles –

be-ings. unlimited. infinite. I am’s.


Amy Lloyd

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