life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

new days dawning

I am showered with ideas;

how to make things happen,

how to hustle like a boss,

how to get free dinners,

free rides,

set everything on its side,


a crash course on wits survival.

this tide of advice pours in,

overwhelms me.

it is not my practice

to have plans in my head.

I walk in simple faith,

expecting to receive as I go,

everything that is supposed to come

will come easily,


I stand,

with a few figurative stones and slingshot,

following the message of the silence,

and the herons.

I trust my gut.

I am not very afraid,

more curious than anything.

I consider this a test at the outset,

I am letting go of things not meant to be,

I cannot hold what is not mine,

I accept it, tho it is always brutally hard for me.

Then something real happens,

in the midnight hours,

sheltered in uncomfortable airport corners

(as someone recently said,

comfort is such a relevant position),

conversations with all those players,

called into this adventure

with me.

a great shift,

a wondrous revelation,

a gentle birthing.

This is not the great test,

this is the most exquisite gift!

This is a bountiful and beautiful enrichment!

a going on into new green pastures!

an entrance into the grand arena,

glimpses of me at work,

my glorious future,

begun, yet not fully bloomed,

early stages,

developing as I go.

The ram in the bush is revealed,

glimpses of my own heart song.

It is enough.

I return to wait for what is next.

I’m not sure of anything… except…

in three intense days,

of three, even more intense, weeks,

with this, my most recent resurrection

new things within my inner landscape

have been revealed once again,

I fly toward a new dawn forever changed


Amy Lloyd

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