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easy questions for Sunday Morning coffee time

What falls out of me naturally?

What kind of woman lives at my core?

What music arrives with me as I enter a room?

What is the highest desire I want most?

What am I willing to do to get what I want?

What makes me feel delicious?

What particular things spark my joy switch?

What do my hands itch to touch, feel, carry forward?

What music jazzes me, dazzles me, rattles me, discovers me, uncovers me?

What joy drives me, stops me in my tracks, floods me, starves me into leave my comfort zone?

What is my greatest desire?

My ecstatic pleasure?

My most sensual movement?

My highest form of worship?


Amy Lloyd


would decry


when grasses

ever so fragile,

provide strings

stout enough for

insect moods

to glide up and down

in glissandos

of toes along wires

or finger-tips on zithers—


the mere sounds

be theirs, not ours—

theirs, not ours,

the first inspiration—


without resolution—


would cry

being loved,

when even such tinkling

comes of the loving?


Grasses by Alfred Kreymborg

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