life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

wrapped in clouds

I woke up with thoughts like this

Never miss a opportunity to give pleasure to someone else

Where is the face I had before the world was made?

just below the surface of my wearing skin is so much joyous future waiting to be lived

I wrote a thought below your name, which is tattooed on this heart of mine

Greater than happiness is holiness –

You could not help me with either of the preceding < or > desires

Some Temples are built without a stone put together

God is found where two or three sit around a round kitchen table holding hands cupped to collect falling tears

How much research will it take to release the pain in my shoulders?

Poems and prose are witnesses leading to a mapped blueprint of recovery

If I build a house what will the front door look like?

Be still for a long minute

then hold the beat one second longer

Welcome home


Amy Lloyd

You are built together spiritually
into a dwelling place for God.
—Ephesians 2.22

Tourists come to admire the temple,
to take pictures and buy mementos,
but it’s not on their maps.

Pilgrims come seeking
their separate peace in it,
but they they can’t find it.

Eventually the army arrives,
ordered to destroy the temple,
but it has vanished.

It isn’t here, or there,
it isn’t in a place,
it isn’t a thing.
It is empty space.

It is the love between us.
It is not something that “is,”
but something that happens.
Like gravity that exists
only between objects in space,
the dwelling place of God
exists only in the love
we hold between us.
It is eternal.
When we enter that holy space
among us
which God creates
we enter God,
and nothing can remove us.

In the cool of the sanctuary
we listen to the music
and we breathe.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

No one told me

it would be like this—

how growing older

is another passage

of discovery

and that aging is one

grand transformation,

and if some things

become lost along the way,

many other means show up

to bring me closer

to the center of my heart.

No one ever told me

if whatever wonder

waits ahead

is in another realm

and outside of time.

But the amazement, I found,

is that the disconcerting things

in the here and now

that I stumble

and trip my way

through, also

guides me



And no one told me

I would ever see

an earth so strong

and fragile, or

a world so sad

and beautiful.

And I surely

didn’t know

I had

all this life

yet in me

or such fire

inside my



Susan Frybort

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