life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

it simply is…

days off can feel like your drowning

no where to go

no one to go there with

no touch to keep you steady

no laughter to stable the grim humidity

little tomatoes hang desperately to the vine

splitting open on occasion

it is just fine to be in that place

tho not ever so much fun to be there

keep picking yourself back up

keep spilling yourself out

whatever you have to give is enough

whatever you take is sufficient for the moment

offer what you have to this day

doubt, tears, fears and all in

I’ve cried a river or two

over you and your choices

gone Miles out of my way for minute of your time

tossed and turned nights unnumbered

it’s a long and winding broken road

to peace and understanding

When words are uncertain

and sentiment unclear,

I love black and white.

Because the colour,

though hidden,

is always willing—

always there,

unbound by age

and unrestricted

by circumstances

as timeless sings

to me

fully expressing

in the deepest


every feeling.


Susan Frybort Brown

Wait in the space where I am. Wait in expectation, listening with your mind clear, alert, open to all possibilities. Wait on Me.

My voice is in you. You hear the whisper of Me in the light, when fear is surrendered and I am your strength.

You hear Me in stillness—but stillness amidst clamor, too. But I quiet clamor within you. I still the storm and whisper, “I am here, my love. Keep your eyes on Me.”

Take that deep breath now. Slowly now.

Slow your pace, for just a moment. Stay in the stillness—retreat to quiet, where my voice is what you seek. Become conditioned to it, accustomed to moments of silence and openness and listening.

I create space within you, my darling.

You feel stretched and overwhelmed and tired and unsure, and I show you the wide open space within you, the place where I am. It is a place of comfort, of safety, of quiet, of companionship.

When you feel alone, head into that open space within you, with Me, and you will hear my voice within you, stirring you, whispering wisdom and love—guiding you deeper Home.

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