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where do you want to go?

As the earth and her inhabitants continue to make great progress in both their individual and connected ascension journeys, you may find yourself in different geographical locations than you could have imagined. Some people may, after a long period of feeling stuck in one place, finally experience movement and find themselves relocating to a different city, area, or country. Others may be drawn to certain areas to visit, or may even suddenly end up in a place they never could have imagined going to. There are several reasons for this.

Some enlightening human beings had been staying put in one place as assistance to the planet. They were anchoring light in one specific area as part of a service contract. For some of you, that contract is now complete, opening the door for you to go elsewhere.

Others may suddenly be drawn to an area to begin new service contracts in specific areas, bringing in new services that raise the vibration of the area, or simply using their own energetics to support the planetary grids. Or the new area could offer you the exact energetics required for you to shift into the growth and expansion of the next phase of your own enlightenment journey.

Some of you have been drawn to places, also to be of service to reactivate crystals that you yourself had placed on the planet for safekeeping in previous lifetimes. This is a particularly profound aspect that is happening on your planet. You had so much faith in humanity that you planned to return as a future self to activate the crystals when the time was right.

That is how sure you were that the ascension would happen. This is joyous service for the souls involved in these actions. It also creates a shift in energy as each human being on this type of service contract has a corresponding seed crystal within that also activates.

And still others of you are venturing out to areas you haven’t visited during this lifetime to do your own soul retrieval – showing up where you had fragmented in other life expressions and retrieving these fragments in profound and empowered healing of yourself.

So trust, Dear Ones! If you find yourself in a place unexpectedly, there is purpose behind it. If you are required somewhere, you will find yourself swept there as if by magic. It is all unfolding beautifully for your planet and your souls.

– Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

There is a cross that’s a bridge across to dreams — and no crosscurrent of evil can undercut it, and no crosswinds of despair can overtake it, and no crossfires of any suffering hell can burn it down.

Ann Voskamp

blue storm. yellow seeds

Will you join me in this day out of time, drink a cup of life in a sweet pair-o-chairs?

Will you step forward into this moment of no moment, sitting on a friends bench, not numbered, to talk about the secrets of living?

Will you sing with me as the blue storm clears and the blue sky parts and the yellow days begin so full of the color of our passion?

Will you plant with me, all the yellow seeds of hope and home to make the weary pilgrims smile?

Will you stay with me, lay with me, in the fields of gold, where the children laugh and play?

Will you grow old with me, under the ancient green oaks stately and, oh-so-wise, or when everyone else leaves, will you go too?

Will you love me today and still again tomorrow hold this empty space with me, even when the whole world begins turning once again and most everyone else forgets to pray?


Amy Lloyd

Vacation: to vacate,
to make space,
to fill with nothingness,
to become empty, nothing.
To enter the Great Silence,
to be absorbed
in the Holy Abyss of God.

I’m going on vacation,
just because I can.
I will be good for nothing,
an irreplaceable part of the universe
without doing a thing,
and God will love me
for no good reason at all.

May you also be–

See you in a couple weeks.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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