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going on with no end

We are but dust and this is a dust eating world but we are stardust and we blaze the courage of stars and we will go on without end.

Ann Voskamp

All essences of sweetness from the white

Warm day go up in vapor, when the dark

Comes down. Ascends the tune of meadow-lark,

Ascends the noon-time smell of grass, when night

Takes sunlight from the world, and gives it ease.

Mysterious wings have brushed the air; and light

Float all the ghosts of sense and sound and sight;

The silent hive is echoing the bees.

So stir my thoughts at this slow, solemn time.

Now only is there certainty for me

When all the day’s distilled and understood.

Now light meets darkness: now my tendrils climb

In this vast hour, up the living tree,

Where gloom foregathers, and the stern winds brood.


The Vast Hour by Genevieve Taggard

He wore moonlight on his shoulders

shining so casually around him in the highest style

Stars living in his eyes

rarely sleeping even on the brightest of days

there he sat, as tho waiting for me,

on a brilliant green lotus pad

surrounded by pink flowers

as my favorite golden ball

sank into the muddy water

I burst into tears

as I had never been allowed to swim

and had no way of retrieving my most precious memory

given to me from my best friend before she moved away

Then, to my great surprise, he spoke,

with a beautiful voice I had heard in my dreams

so many nights before this encounter

words which would become framed

like a masterpiece in my memory

His words were poetry

His laughter music

as he offered to fetch my ball –

if only I would kiss him first…

Dozens of frogs had offered the same on other such evenings

and then had hopped away

to make the same offer to the next fair lass

to come along with a bouncy ball

the pond was filled with balls of all colors and sizes

patiently waiting for the promise to be fulfilled

And tho I had heard it so many times before,

This time my heart knew it was true

as I bent to kiss his froggy lips

His kiss stole time and my heart

beats were dancing all across the starry milky way

I had waited a lifetime to touch this particular skin

so much smoother and silky than I had thought it would be

I was caught in the brilliant moonglow

unable to look away

as he jumped with little splash or drama

barely causing a ripple in the smooth surface

and soon came swimming back

holding my golden ball in his throat

He deposited it at my feet

then turned to thank me for my trust

‘the gift is great’, he said,

‘you are ready for true love to find you.’

And as I walked away

I knew twas true treasure I had been given

My heart was ready to give and receive what love will bring.

Now I was just waiting for it to find me.


Amy Lloyd

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.

— Ingrid Bergman


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