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Daises above and heart cloud in blue sky photos by me 😊

Is it

the season?

the sky?

the sea?

or simply new shades of blue

writing love poems across across sky?


Amy Lloyd

Why does this written doe bound through these written woods?

—Wisława Szymborska

My handwriting is all over these woods.

No, my handwriting is these woods,

each tree a half-print, half-cursive scrawl,

each loop a limb. My house is somewhere

here, & I have scribbled myself inside it.

What is home but a book we write, then

read again & again, each time dog-earing

different pages. In the morning I wake

in time to pencil the sun high. How

fragile it is, the world—I almost wrote

the word but caught myself. Either one

could be erased. In these written woods,

branches smudge around me whenever

I take a deep breath. Still, written fawns

lie in the written sunlight that dapples

their backs. What is home but a passage

I’m writing & underlining every time I read it.

Written Deer by Maggie Smith

Robin O’Neal magical photos above @ Lindner Park

A few seconds before happiness

tore poems from my heart

it occurs to me

once again

that everything is grace

both sides of the gift are equal

that to fly free and ride the shining sunbeams

means trusting your pilot completely

even in the uneven spaces pushing against us

knowing my pilot opens my soul to sheer beauty

to rivers of adventure cutting through my grids of protection

through my grasping of thin shreds

through unnecessary issues of control

I am suddenly aware

the gates to the kingdom live right here

open when I step forward

in this confident level of knowing

in this bursting moment of joy

in this perfect snowflake of eternal beauty

created just to melt unseen by mortals

forever imprinted into this worlds history

just because

all because

in every which way

because of love


Amy Lloyd

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