life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

what matters most

Sometimes our knowing so much holds us back…

Head and heart language

bunched up in the laundry basket

between loads of colored clothes

that go either in the hot or cold,

delicate and normal…

First or second rinse…

How many books on the shelves explain God…

Or list gratitude as number four ,

After loving God, neighbor and oneself?

And the balance has to change if the soul is to

Learn the lessons of this lifetime…

Endure the consequences,

Wrap up years on a calendar

With more joys than sorrows.

Perhaps there is meaning in Sabbath rest,

Sharing popsicles with toddlers with sticky hands;

Washing old quilts and hanging them on clotheslines to dry…

Saying, “I don’t know,” and it’s alright.

Writing poetry that preaches a basic message of goodness…

While standing in the crowd,

Cheering for the other guy

Witnessing God in the subtle and the sly

Trading nothing for what has been,

Yet defining what has been enough,

What will not do anymore,

And that coming to the earth at this time

Is for the curious, the creative and those who

Value communion – and what stirs one up inside.

Complicated and complex –

The sharing of spiritual thought on levels that

Change the planet and the sway of the trees as we walk in the park.


Rev.Donna Knutson

Letting go into the wind

The winding road behind obliterated

Creating a heart of sand inside

then allowing the salt water to wash it clean

Ready for new footprints

of children ready to play

creating circles of care

evolution of spring into summer brings so much new

green, growth, flowers

Honey bees can’t resist pollination

making love brings birthdays galore

one after another

Blessing heaped on blessing

Grace upon grace

Mercy’s for this day

we wear our sunshine if needed

we sing praises until we’re done

then walk on down to the river

feeling emotional

baptism is only the simplest picture

of a brand new life


Amy Lloyd

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