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What is a small act of pure love?

Isn’t that the ultimate oxymoron?

What matters and what doesn’t?

Who decides?

What really rings the Captain bells in the halls of heaven?

Where are the grandest palaces built?

Who truly owns everything we claim,

everything we hold so dear?

What color will you pick to wear to the grandest wedding you will ever attend?

When do the people who clean the outhouses regain their appetites and feast?

Do you believe everybody’s poop stinks,

yet is a common element of this thing called:

being human?

Should gratitude protect us from life’s hardships?

If I’m thankful do I get to keep what I want?

Why do some people never know hunger and others literally starve to death?

Which of the following is the more important question?

Why me?

Why NOT me?


Amy Lloyd

Deeper than my words,

deeper than my knowing,

Spirit, pray in me.

I open the door of my heart for you.

I hold the arms of my spirit open for you.

Welcome. Spirit, pray in me.

I only hold the space.

I do not hear your prayers,

your sighs too deep for my hearing.

I do not know how to pray.

I only know how to be still,

Spirit, as you pray in me.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light

Sometimes I tremble like a storm-swept flower,

And seek to hide my tortured soul from thee,

Bowing my head in deep humility

Before the silent thunder of thy power.

Sometimes I flee before thy blazing light,

As from the specter of pursuing death;

Intimidated lest thy mighty breath,

Windways, will sweep me into utter night.

For oh, I fear they will be swallowed up—

The loves which are to me of vital worth,

My passion and my pleasure in the earth—

And lost forever in thy magic cup!

I fear, I fear my truly human heart

Will perish on the altar-stone of art!

– Poetry by Claude McKay

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