life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

it’s our choice

we are here to impact the world

in special ways

each of us play some small part

in the greatest story of all

…and God spoke…

God created…

God keeps creating….

we keep creating…

It’s who we are…

our design is to design…

impact takes destruction

from chaos comes order

beauty in every part of the process

Can you see it?

Can you live there now?

step into the blasted uncomfort-zone?

stay there for as long as it takes for the mud to settle,

for the bones to pop back into place,

with no guarantee of a pleasant outcome…

will you stand up and be counted?

keep stepping into the void

knowing the value of the work

knowing the well-being of the world may well depend on us standing in our own skin

speaking our own words of truth

choosing what we really want to eat from today’s menu


Amy Lloyd

“Trust the intelligence of chaos. Life is only refreshing itself.”

– Jeff Foster

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