life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life



the line

of development and decency

I will wake you up

just when you get to sleep

good and proper

to tell you a bedtime story

to remind you joy is everywhere

there’s a bit of scandal

among the bohemian wildflowers

whispers concerning my impending number

advanced imperfections looming ahead

speaking of cool, calm and collected

I laugh with delicious delight

at wondrous traditions

such as chocolate cake

and making wishes

I love life with all its messy, gory glory

Love is our name.

We are the soul of the soul of the world around us

Yet let none of us believe we have power to change another

only the responsibility to inspire each other

to be our very best selves

to recognize beauty as beauty

Share your favorite toast with me:

to friends and foes

and each one I’ll never know –

I honor your courage to live out loud

may we all find ourselves more than we ever expected

hear! hear!


Amy Lloyd

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