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A blessing on the eyes that do not see me as I wish.

A blessing to the ears that can never hear the far inward

footfall of my own shy heart. Blessings to the life

in you that will live without me, to the open door

that now and forever takes you away from me,

blessings to the path that you follow alone and blessings

to the path that awaits you, joining with another.

A blessing for the way you will not know me

in the years to come, and with it, a blind outstretched

blessing of my hands on anything or anyone

that cannot ever come to know me fully as I am,

and therefore, a blessing even, for the way I will

never fully know myself, above all, the deepest, kindest

wishes of my own hidden and untrammeled heart

for what you had to hide from me in you.

Let me be generous enough and large enough

and brave enough to say goodbye to you without understanding,

to let you go into your own understanding. May you always

be in the sweet central, hidden shadow

of my memory without needing to know who you were

when you first came, who you were when you stayed

and who you will become in your freedom now that

you are passed through my life and gone.


from the book





Somewhere in the in-between

I’ll meet you there.

Somewhere between the friends benches

and the Constable’s at the British art museum

Between unexpected Mondays

and snow storms of epic proportion.

Somewhere in the in-between

of stained-glass Tiffany windows

and those in the old, cold, beautiful church –

that’s where you’ll see me waiting.

Somewhere in the in-between,

on a street corner with our names intersecting,

on a spring day, before the flowers bloom,

or falling on my behind in a pile of snow, in the middle of winter,

laughing, and loving, weather of all sorts,

that’s where I’ll be hangin’ out, gettin’ rained on.

Somewhere in the in-between

of Louis’ Wonderful World,

Sam and Ruby singing the truth, Ain’t Love Somethin?

and Suzane Vega not allowing the wish for Caramel,

there’s where I’ll be.

That’s where I’ll always be,

waiting for an adventure with you.

Somewhere in the in-between

of stars, dust, lovers, Anam Cara – soul friend, kindness, beauty and truth,

Right there blazing glory, in the middle of the gray.

Yes, somewhere in between the in-between,

I’ll meet you right there,

my dearest, darling friend,

I’ll see you there,

Cause that’s where we always meet,

where we’ve always known each other.

Somewhere in the in-between

of heaven and earth.

⁃ Amy Lloyd

“To be nobody but yourself in a world doing its best to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle any human being can fight.” ~ E.E. Cummings

Long years after that shared pancake

hanging over the plate sides

that blurred minute when I stumbled

into the deep pool of your charm

both of you are now long gone

you alone linger like syrup on my hands

still sweet and sticky

still a bit aggravating

still not where I would like you to be

today’s view from my new friendless bench

is blue in all directions

except for those tantalizing steps leading straight into the water

all emerald green and wet slippery stone

enticingly inviting me to go down them looking for buried treasure

for the first time in years

I feel like I need a therapist

someone to help me sort things out

the lost causes of my eminent frailty

this new fatigue draining my cups bottom dregs

a resolute stubborn need to clear my throat dogging my days and nights

in spite of all suggested remedies

I wonder what I would do if you showed up somewhere, somehow

though I know you won’t, you’re much too much of a coward for that,

my superficial friend

I hope I would be strong enough to say, ‘no, thank you anyways’

and, even in my doubt of my own strength and my sadness of your choices,

I’m glad you walked away

I truly hope you’ll find some joy –

though I think, in some twisted way, your only joy comes from your inability to accept joy.

Oh how complicated and complex our humanity

how wounded we become

when we refuse to tell the truth to ourselves

when we decide someone else idea of what’s important for us

is how we will spend our own wild and precious

I pray I’ll never allow myself to fall into that trap

that waste of life

that destroyer of all goodness

love by any other offering

is not love at all

⁃ Amy Lloyd

I’m amazingly talented at daydreaming

It’s one of my gifts

I love to nap and I’m quite skilled at it

my bed kidnaps me quite regularly

I’m best friends with lots of benches

as well as, large rocks along my hiking trails

Water and I have a special bond

hot water is one of the very best gifts in life

I thought you were my friend

I refuse to be your fantasy girl

Loyalty has various shades of meaning to different people

Commitment is a tricky wicket of self entrapment

or ultimate freedom depending on your perspective

Today I said goodbye to the illusion that I could stay aloof to your charms

I turned around and walked the other direction

I was not offended by your lovely words, good looks and obvious sex appeal

just clear on the facts

of what we both want in the long run

– Amy Lloyd

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