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living prayer

A prayer makes sense only if it is lived.

~ Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

Make me an instrument of Your love

A living prayer in every way

Take me beyond myself

Into a life that only makes sense from the inside

Where the wasted things are precious

and messy grace is the new normal

Make me an instrument of Your love

Wings unfolding every day

Take me beyond the starry sky

Into a life that only makes sense through eternity

Where the soul is all that matters

and I see each moment outside of time

Make me an instrument of Your love

Warrior of the innocent, I do pray

Take me into the heart of the battle

Into a place where my love makes all the difference

Help me to not question the importance of my role

and to surrender my own will in order to share Your love this and every day


Amy Lloyd

I pour my light into you. I guide you and do not leave you. I have good plans for your life. I love when you step toward Me to realize them.

There is discouragement along the way—and distraction, too. But I keep walking ahead, and I reach out my hand, and I do not forsake you. I do not abandon you.

The path is filled with rock that can cause you to stumble—and weeds that entangle and attempt to trip you up. But I clear the path, in the midst of difficulty and sometimes rocky roads.

I clear the path.

My voice in you, these whispers to your heart, my words a blade of truth that swipes away uncertainty and doubt. Walk in the way I’ve prepared for you, this way full of twists and turns and hills and valleys, deserts and lush mountain-scapes.

I’ve walked this path. I walk it with you. How could I leave you?

You were made for this—to be with Me, walking this path, the path we walk together. Faith is not knowing the details of what the future holds, but trusting Me to be with you in it.

So keep walking with Me, in faith, along the path I’ve prepared just for you. That is where you will cling to Me most tightly, where you will feel my gaze steadfast upon you, when I will hold you.

I never let you go.

-Loop devotional

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