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I walk in clouds of messy grace

carry them with me wherever I go

I traverse the worlds of the dark and the light

allowing them both to be places I belong

Repeating the truth of Angels,

‘As above so below’

I jump in puddles of deep infinity splashing stardust with my feet of clay

I sail my ship into the driest desert full sails catching the fine winds of new understanding

I climb the highest mountains

to see all the beauty found above and below me

I lay in the green grass of home to respect the very stuff that I am made of

I drop for 45 minutes into the center of the earth

to allow my stubbornness to burn away

I search the seas at midnight to find one open heart like nine

I am the night ocean

mysterious life. sparkling light-forms

I am the stable earth

wings of birds. creepy creeping things

I am the rain forest

rarest orchid. poison-est frog.

I am the hottest desert

stickiest cacti. smallest grain of sand.

I am the heavens

guarded by angels. home of God.

I am the word

spoken. written. thought.

I am you

child. sibling. parent. friend.

as you are me

loving. lover. loved. beloved. love.

we are possibles

be-ings. unlimited. infinite. I am’s.


Amy Lloyd

The hastily assembled angel saw

One thing was like another thing and that

Thing like another everything     depend-

ed on     how high it was     the place you saw

Things from     and he had seen the Earth from where

A human couldn’t see the Earth     and could-

n’t tell most human things apart    and though

He hadn’t ever really understood

His job he knew it had to do with seeing

And what he saw     was everything would come

Together at the same time everything

Would fall apart     and that was humans thinking

The world was meant for them and other things

Were accidental     or were decora-

tions meant for them and therefore purposeful

That humans thought that God had told them so

And what the hastily assembled angel

Thought     was that probably God had said the same thing

To every living thing     on Earth and on-

ly stopped when one said Really back     but then

Again     the hastily assembled angel

Couldn’t tell human things apart     and maybe

That Really mattered what     would he have heard

Holy     or maybe Folly     or maybe Kill me


The Tree of Knowledge by Shane McCrae

Even among those of us

most needful

or on the edge

the angels of God

don’t really judge

whether we are good or bad,

they are not sent on any mission,

they just really like

to be with us.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light

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