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As Plato wrote: “The power of the good has taken refuge in the Beautiful.”

I see your faces within the sacred mist

women of the seven mountains

emerging through your veiled masks

your lovely smiling photographs

White clouds descended into treed tops

forests of beauty hung with shadow

Ghostly opaque beauty

Black fury assembled

the voice of heaven demanding silence

our stories tumble into this place

Honest and life changing

I am listening

I am Letting go of all illusory beliefs

that you and I are not enough

This magic moment holds us fully

Light breaking through in patches of holy wonder

all these doors into unlimited possibility

the darkness holds all these shades and shapes of mystery

I drive a thousand miles feeling the magnitude of what these days are

where we will all go from here is a matter of personal choosing

all I know is the world will never be the same for me

because you invited me into your circle

because you held me with so much love and grace

as I worked through the startling reality

of my unexpected resurrection


Amy Lloyd

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