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Why am I still here?

What am I adding to this world?

the questions are a bit wandering

I think through what I keep answering,

You’re here to spend as much time with your family as possible

You’re here to enjoy these moments

You’re here because you and I needed to meet and help each other

You’re here because the cats job isn’t done and she still needs to protect you

You’re here because there’s still meaning and purpose for you to be here

I know it’s difficult to be confused

I know it’s difficult to be dependent

I know it’s difficult to forget so many things

Life can definitely be difficult

You’re here because you’re loved

You’re here because you are adding love and joy to people’s lives

You’re here for more reasons than I can ever understand or name

Just as we all are

There are so many things we will never understand

as we let go into the breath that keeps us here

as we surrender into the soul of the soul of the universe

whose name is Love


Amy Lloyd


Those mornings when you wake up burdened,

already thinking Oh why bother,

start here:

thank God for one thing.

One person whom you love will do,

though even a remarkable coincidence is acceptable.

You don’t even need to go into peaches,

the color blue, or migratory birds,

or a child’s laugh you heard the other day,

let alone the angelic speech of nerve synapses

or the inscrutable ballet of spiral galaxies,

or God’s outlandish love for you.

Just one thing to give thanks for.

Then resolve to live the day

in adequate gratitude for that one thing,

and begin.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light

A thing is ordinary. But its Being is miraculous. Even though Being is no-thing and no-mind, nothing is more substantial. When your mind is empty of all concepts, you perceives the diamond radiance of your own pure Being, the Self who is free from subject or object. This is perfect contentment.

Possession of things without the fragrance of their Being, is poverty. But the Being of things is boundless wealth. Now the richness of Being overflows from every point in the vacuum of space.

If people tasted the Being in things, they would be forever satisfied without clinging to the things themselves, and no more wars would arise. How could anyone practice exploitation or greed when the mind is saturated with the fullness of Being?

Everything that you encounter is impermanent, like a wisp of dissolving mist. But when you encounter the Being of a thing, you touch eternity with all the cells of your flesh.

If your heart merges with the Being of a gnat or a pebble, you know the Being of God. For the Being of a gnat is the Being of God. And knowing the ecstasy of God’s Being will expand your body to the rim of the cosmos.

How much greater, then, is your bewilderment when you gaze into the Being of a human face? I am not talking about the sorrow or the joy, the youth or the age, the pain or the beauty of the form, but its Being.

Even the Being of a melting dewdrop radiates eternity. This is why Jesus communicated his infinite existence in a morsel of bread, and Buddha transmitted the whole Dharma by holding up a little wild flower.


Fred LaMotte

Brave night…

bold world;

you can find God around every corner,

blinking lights…

hugs from a tree…

the way color and a rising sun can make you weak in your knees;

Green, yellow, red

like a subtle survey of those on the ground…

angels doing more than we will ever understand…

mantras heard so high in the atmosphere,

prayer flags wave like hero’s in the breeze..

and mountain goats raise their heads, then bow so low…

God is close

so very close

one could be afraid to pray and be heard…

or one could whisper ” help” while changing their clothes…

calming their heart with a cup of hot tea…

walking so far and yet, there is always farther to go…

and God hears

so very clearly

what it means to live as heart with bones;

soul with a song…

Mary with a Jesus…

mom with a job ,

Ruth and Naomi…Rumi and the book of Job;

a couple dozen wisdom quotes and a pocketful of stones

to throw in the pond as you walk by…

praying for children, for parents and friends;

praying for the impossible, the vulnerable,

praying for the courage to say, ” Faith is like a charm.”


Rev. Donna Knutson

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