life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

the void is hiring…step up

Against all odds the winds are changing directions

bell choirs keep silent vigil at midnight

from the back a wheelchair

set in constant motion

subconscious patterns

run night and day

you, being the one and all,

free flowing floods flooding

body temperature liquid streaming

there she goes again

climbing over the rails

adrenaline pumps straight through the heart

stopping at flight and fright

no freeze allowed

night after sleepless night

finding me a hollow shell

still calm and beauty sensitive

aged trees newly borning leaves

Springs colors filling in daily

against the ever changing

skies and waters

greens, blues and silvers

this furious night wind

rides the water hard and wet

Friday can be somber

but hold on to your bonnet

puzzle pieces are settling into place

even in the void between questions and answers

bright resurrection arrives on Sunday mornings

patience is a rewarding experience

sorrow is the pathway into life

joy is still the stuff dreams are made of

all through the night hours

the silky cat keeps a hungry watch

until we wake to see what this day brings

a hearty breakfast, to be had by all


Amy Lloyd

In the beginning

you opened up

an emptiness

in yourself

for creation:


for darkness to sit in,

then time,

for light to travel.

This is such a day

of emptiness,

of sabbath rest,

a pregnant pause,

space in you,

and time between,

divine abyss,

for Creation

to happen.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light

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