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when the morning comes

some weeks things go by

at such high octane velocity

you end up with a Ferrari in the driveway

engine making your sleep deprived heart awaken and pound in your ears

you turn 16 again and the world feels so full of possibilities and excitement

there is no time to overthink or process in such whirlwinds

you just make gut instinct choices

knowing which thing is the right way

there will be settled moments soon

moments of rest and calm are coming

the new routine includes a kitty eating breakfast in the wee hours of the morning

my new long-term goals include picnics in the thatch roofed treehouse

does that blood red-deep pink sunrise have a message for my poet soul,

as I drink coffee from my favorite cup

on this chilled, side of the longest-coasted-lake-in-the-world?

the answer to that question are these words

freely dripping out to capture life’s beauty attending me into my day

(this, my first poem at this place in the Universe)

yes, I know there will be hard – our days always hold hard and soft,

most usually NOT in equal portions

and so we rate them ‘good’ or ‘bad’

we walk through our years of questions

and our years of answers

sometimes we forget to sing the silly songs of our childhood

until we unexpectedly meet around a table full of laughter

and the words fall out

and we breathe in that easy goodness

which I have come to fully recognize

as God

knowing the sweetness of my recognition

is grace


Amy Lloyd


Tomorrow I will start to be happy.

The morning will light up like a celebratory cigar.

Sunbeams sprawling on the lawn will set

dew sparkling like a cut-glass tumbler of champagne.

Today will end the worst phase of my life.

I will put my shapeless days behind me,

fencing off the past, as a golden rind

of sand parts slipshod sea from solid land.

It is tomorrow I want to look back on, not today.

Tomorrow I start to be happy; today is almost yesterday.


Tomorrow by Dennis O’Driscoll (first verse)

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